PolitiSane- Trying to put some sanity back in the political discussion

Politi-Sane is not run or endorsed by any candidate or party. It’s not here to repeat politicians’ sound bites or spread propaganda. It simply exists to try to take a rational look at the direction our political system is headed and put some sanity back into the conversation. And that might just be the craziest idea in a long time.

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About the author:

Matt McNelley is a medical student in Little Rock Arkansas. He currently represents the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine as the state chair for the American Medical Association Medical Students Section as well as serving on a number of committees. He has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Arkansas and is a former employee of the University of Arkansas. He has served in leadership on a variety of committees related to community service, political action and policy, and volunteerism in the past several years, including the Susan G. Komen Foundation Ozark Affiliate Steering Committee, the American Medical Association House Coordinating Committee, and the Volunteer Action Center at the University of Arkansas.


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