Did We Learn Nothing?

After years of disappointment and decline, we have chosen to re-elect the same policies that have left us stuck in the mud and economic malaise these past 4 years. Have voters totally stopped learning from their mistakes, or did they just really not like Mitt Romney? Either way, I am concerned at this outcome since it makes me wonder what our priorities really are in this country. We claim that the economy is our #1 concern, but then we don’t vote for the candidate we also think (by the polls) would be better at fixing the economy. Polls show that we voted based off racial identities and vague feelings of likability or “caring” instead of logic and platforms. We want to blame our politicians for the problems we’re facing, but then weren’t willing to vote for new ones. We voted for negativity instead of change or positivity, a total flip from 2008 election, but ended up with the same result. Regardless of the reasons, we have chosen to re-elect a divisive politician that has shown little ability to reunite our fractured political landscape or manage the problems we face as a nation. As such, anyone expecting big progress or big solutions in the next four years is likely to be disappointed. The political gridlock will continue, and regardless of “efforts” on both sides, the economic difficulties and pending crises in our entitlement programs will continue to be kicked down the road.

I hope that without the political pressure of re-election he was so focused on that the President will be more effective in his leadership. I also hope that the fact almost as many citizens in our country voted against him as for him will be a wake-up call. I hope we see a better four years ahead of us than the last four, but I certainly don’t expect it. Congratulations to President Obama on a hard fought and well played (and unfortunately nasty) campaign, now change the game in D.C. like you promised to 4 years ago and actually try to work with people on the other side of the aisle. Now all your actions will only affect the legacy you leave. Make it one worth leaving.




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3 responses to “Did We Learn Nothing?

  1. Just speaking for myself, I’m sure I would get along fine with Romney personally. I didn’t agree with his positions on the issues, which also kept changing week to week, and I didn’t think the numbers he projected with his tax plan were possible without eliminating things like mortgage deductions. In any case, he refused to provide details.

    I’m sure Romney can be a very generous person in his private life, but so far as his candidacy – he did come across as a BS-er. I voted far more against Romney than for Obama. O has been disappointing, but he seems more authentic at least, and I prefer his positions on marriage equality, reproductive rights and pay equity between men and women.

  2. Barneysday

    I believe the issue boils down to a simple question. What did Romney stand for?

  3. For all that Romney demonstrated (to a lot of people’s satisfaction) what that alternative would look like. He went back and forth too much and you never fully knew what he planned to do when in office. With everything else up in the air, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. In all the elections, I am surprised at how little the landscape of Congress changed. That is disturbing.

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