For Kony 2012 but Against the Iraq War?

I have a lot of friends who called George Bush a war criminal and said he should be brought to justice for what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now those same friends are sharing the Kony 2012 campaign far and wide saying that the US “has to do something!”. What?

If I were to argue for the invasion of Iraq (not something I’ve done, by the way) and Afghanistan, it would go something like this:

Iraq: There is an evil dictator who has led the massacre of over half a million of his own people. He tortures, maims, imprisons and kills. He has invaded other countries, killing tens of thousands more. He must be stopped.

Afghanistan: There is an evil ruling group who has been responsible for over 15 massacres in a 5 year period. They are responsible for human trafficking, sexual slavery, violence against women, and terrorism against their own people. They have killed tens of thousands of people and denied hundreds of thousands access to humanitarian aid. They must be stopped.

How is this any different than the Stop Kony campaign in its justification? We’re supposed to support military action in Uganda and the region to stop Kony and his army because of his crimes against humanity. There’s a serious disconnect when millions of people can oppose the overthrow of one dictator that perpetrated genocidal campaigns against millions of his own people, but they support a military action against another one, in a country he’s not even in anymore, whose crimes, although inhuman, have killed far fewer. Think about it, and read my concerns with the Kony 2012 campaign itself here.



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